“The Market is for Sale!”


From Our Family to Yours

Jeff and Molly Patterson moved to the Methow Valley in 2001 after falling in love with the valley’s natural beauty, outdoor recreational opportunities, and intimate community. In 2002 Jeff and Molly began their family with the birth of their first son, Dusty; they welcomed Grey in 2004, and completed the trio of boys with Sammy in 2006.

The Pattersons’ cozy home soon became notorious for its pop-up dinner parties. Molly would call around and say “I’m having a few friends for dinner. Why don’t you join us?” Families would show up to find Molly with a baby on her hip, a couple of toddlers underfoot, a gourmet buffet on the picnic table, and a wide, welcoming smile on her face. Throwing an impromptu dinner party for 20 or 30 people was not only not daunting to Molly—it was downright fun. She was forever opening a new bottle of wine for guests to sample, an exotic balsamic vinegar to pair with a regional mozzarella, fresh peaches from a local orchardist. Kids ran in the woods behind the house while adults sat on the porch steps and watched the golden summer light fade over alfalfa fields,

The Pattersons’ work as a design/build construction company was satisfying, but a serendipitous opportunity to serve the Methow Valley in a different capacity arose and proved irresistible. In 2010, the Pattersons purchased the already existing natural food store in the Methow Valley’s town of Twisp and invested their creative energy in transforming the space into a central hub for high-quality natural products. The Pattersons’ company—Patterson Design/Build—remodeled the space, opening up the floor plan and shelving, refashioning the small basement into a chic and inviting wine cellar, and creating a breakfast and lunch counter so store visitors could linger over a smoothie or a noodle bowl before completing their shopping.

Glover Street Market quickly became a macrocosm of that intimate circle that Jeff and Molly had built in their home, and this one was open to the public. Molly was able to continue to connect people with products she found compelling, and through Glover Street Market she was able to do it on a grander scale.

Over the past nine years of owning Glover Street Market, Jeff and Molly have achieved their vision of offering residents and visitors a vibrant venue to access the products of local craftspeople and farmers, and creating an inviting environment for people to relax and enjoy good food, good drink, and great company. On any given day, shoppers might see all five Pattersons working at the store: Molly blending fresh juices, Jeff installing a new piece of kitchen equipment, Grey packaging bulk foods, Dusty manning a register, and Sammy stocking his farm-fresh eggs in the cooler. Glover Street Market is truly a family business, with the boys learning many of the aspects of retail grocery, as well as forming relationships with community members as they shop.

But as their boys grow older and the family’s schedule, activities, and priorities have shifted, the Pattersons find themselves focusing on new projects, and feel ready to put their family business in the hands of new ownership. The Pattersons have developed the store—their fourth baby—and are ready to set it free and watch it soar under someone else’s vision. Glover Street Market is well-positioned for a new owner with fresh ideas to leverage the store’s signature role in the Methow Valley community and cultivate an even more compelling presence in retail sales in a valley that values premium products.


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Hi. I'm Molly.

I am really truly not a camera person and my husband says my voice sounds funny recorded – but my friend helping us find the right buyer says I have to say something on camera so here goes. If you ask anyone else, they’ll probably tell you that normally (as in always), I won’t stop talking. Go figure.

Just a Few Things that Make Us Great


Our Community

Methow Valley shoppers have adventuresome palates—they’re excited about new products, unexpected pairings, exotic flavors. They love to experiment with recipes, test out unfamiliar products, and introduce zest into their menus with fresh sauces and seasonings. But they also value simple food prepared with authenticity. Fruits and vegetables from Methow Valley gardens in the summer, served alongside local lamb or beef straight off the grill. Comfort food in the winter—hearty soups, whole grains, winter greens.


Unique Products

Over the years, we’ve really made a concentrated effort to bring our customers some of the most unique and good-for-you groceries that we can find. We strive to support local and regional producers but we also aren’t afraid to research some of the most emerging brands on the market today. One example of this, is our annual pilgrimage to Anaheim, California to ExpoWest, widely recognized as the most progressive natural product trade shows in the world. As avid product enthusiasts, we also try to keep our fingers on the pulse of natural remedies, herbs, medicinals and more through different podcasts and blogs available online.


Waste Commitment

From the beginning, one of our top priorities at Glover Street Market has been strengthening our bulk product offerings in order to reduce packaging waste and provide customers with the convenience of utilizing the storage systems in their own homes. The bulk grains, nuts, snacks, and beans section of the store does a brisk business, as do the bulk spices. With simple paper bag packaging—or better yet, containers that they’ve brought from home—customers are not burdened by unnecessary chipboard or plastic containers, and they’re able to buy foods and spices in the quantities they need, not the quantities those items are arbitrarily packaged in.


The Cellar

Cool in the summer, cozy in the winter, our cellar is not just a place to find a unique and perfect bottle of wine or test out that Thai lemongrass white balsamic vinegar you’ve been eyeing, it’s also an intimate gathering place—a bit of an oasis seemingly far away from the hubbub of the retail grocery above and the buzz of downtown Twisp beyond. In our cellar, customers can sit and chat in an environment that invites confidences, inspires ideas, and strengthens connections.


The Kitchen

The Glover Street Market kitchen produces an astonishing selection of edibles. Should you want to eat your way through the day at Glover Street Market, you certainly could, and you’d wind up satisfied. You can start your day with one of our signature smoothies or fresh juices and breakfast sandwiches – you might even be able to trade a smile with our kitchen staff for something especially made for you. Lunch offers a variety of salads, wraps, soups, or noodle bowls while you surrender to the sights and scents of natural, organic, and local ingredients being sliced, diced, and stirred before you.


Total $1,500,000


4,000 sq/ft Commercial Building on Main Street


Commercial and Industrial Equipment


Point of Sale, Computers and Software Equipment


Value of Business


Average Inventory of Groceries and Goods



Front of House Tour

Music by local musicians Luc & the Lovingtons


Back of House Tour

Music by local musicians Luc & the Lovingtons


The Future is Bright for #TwispWa

Over the years and especially in the past decade, the Methow Valley has transitioned from a sleepy rural town to a rapidly growing and evolving community: a unique and harmonious blend of residents and businesses united by a love for this special place. Those new to the valley are learning what the long-time residents have always known: that you can live a vibrant and simple life in this beautiful string of small towns nestled in the heart of the North Cascades.

The town of Twisp is not only a popular year-round vacation destination, it’s also a thriving local community, with a lively arts and culture presence, a center of commerce and services for the entire Methow Valley, and a gateway to world class recreational opportunities in the surrounding forests, mountains, and rivers. Located on the busiest block of Twisp’s main street, Glover Street Market is a downtown mainstay business, where residents and visitors alike shop, eat lunch or order takeout, and gather to socialize.

Twisp is in the process of a multi-year revitalization project that includes road and sidewalk improvements, gateway art installations, and solar lighting enhancements in the downtown area. Both the gateway art and the illumination projects are funded through a $250,000 federal grant administered by the WA State Transportation Improvement Board. 

Twisp is located within the Methow Valley School District: a 650-student K-12 district with an International Baccalaureate certification, an alternative school, innovative approaches to learning, and a recent $1,000,000 endowment to support graduates entering skilled trades. It’s also located just on the edges of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, with trailheads leading into a paradise for hikers, backpackers, horsemen, and mountain bikers just minutes away.


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