Food for the Body and Soul

The Glover Street Market kitchen produces an astonishing selection of edibles. Should you want to eat your way through the day at Glover Street Market, you certainly could, and you’d wind up satisfied.

Your day would start with one of our kitchen’s signature smoothies or fresh juices: cool, packed with fruit or veggies, and designed to target any number of health needs, from providing protein to boosting energy to strengthening immune systems. For some people, a juice or smoothie is all the breakfast they need, while others supplement the drink with a heartier item from our breakfast menu.

For lunch, you’d take a stool at our lunch counter and relax while the retail grocery portion of the store bustles behind you. Our kitchen staff would prepare your salad, wrap, soup, or noodle bowl while you surrender to the sights and scents of natural, organic, and local ingredients being sliced, diced, and stirred into a dish that tickles your palate and eases your hunger pangs. More often than not, you’d run into a friend while you savored your entrée and you’d catch up with them. Or you might chat with the friendly stranger seated next to you, and form a connection based on the simple pleasures of good food prepared with intention.


Breakfast 9am–11am


Lunch 11am–4pm



16oz. Organic Juice Blends

Add $2.00 extra for 2oz. shot of Ginger, Tumeric, or Chlorophyl.


16oz. Smoothies

Add $2.00 extra for Hemp Protein, Whey Protien, Matcha Green Tea or Cholorphyl