Specialty & Local


 Sourced and Researched

One of the joys of being at Glover Street Market is having the opportunity to source highly unique products. We have access to the cornucopia of Methow Valley growers and producers, who provide the store with hundreds of items, from fruits, vegetables, and fresh flowers; to meats, eggs, and dairy products; to artisan consumables like beeswax candles, cosmetics, and soaps; to greeting cards, bags, apparel, and housewares. Some of our growers and producers are second-generation owners, who took over family businesses in order to keep providing customers with access to high-quality and/or organic goods with honest origins. We research our products carefully, to ensure they were created with integrity, sourcing locally and regionally whenever possible.

Glover Street Market provides an excellent selection of products, carefully curated to offer a balance of staples, luxury items, everyday items, and gifts. Our store may be small, but we do a pretty darn good job of stocking the shelves with items ranging from interesting to essential. And because we’re nimble enough to order small batches and test out new offerings, we are able to maintain a compelling assortment of new enticements and old favorites.