Rare & Affordable Wines


 Fruit of the Vine

Descend our wide-plank stairs to the vault under Glover Street Market and enter another world (albeit a small one). Our flagstone-floored room under the store has echoes of European wine cellars, with a carefully-curated collection of rare and affordable wines that surprises first-time visitors and is accessible to all budgets.

Cool in the summer, cozy in the winter, our cellar is not just a place to find a unique and perfect bottle of wine or test out that Thai lemongrass white balsamic vinegar you’ve been eyeing, it’s also an intimate gathering place—a bit of an oasis seemingly far away from the hubbub of the retail grocery above and the buzz of downtown Twisp beyond. In our cellar, customers can sit and chat in an environment that invites confidences, inspires ideas, and strengthens connections.

On Saturdays, the Glover Street Market cellar hosts wine tastings that accommodate guests with both luxurious swaths of time or simply a few moments to sip, learn about featured wines, and move on to the next event. Those who venture into the cellar discover local and regional wines as well as bottles from vineyards across the globe, all researched heavily before making the cut to be included in our wine selection.

Flanking the wines are our exotic balsamic vinegars and infused olive oils, in bulk casks that are used to fill our classy green glass bottles or jars our customers bring from home. The oil and vinegar offerings provide customers an opportunity to taste these unusual pressings—fig or ginger balsamic vinegars, thyme or mushroom infused oils—and perhaps fall in love with a new flavor.


Saturday Wine Tastings

Pouring $2 glasses of wine on Saturdays 2-6pm